big brand strategy for ambitious companies that want to compete.

Delight, engage, & retain more customers with brand strategy focused on long-term growth.

Your brand is how customers perceive your business. Customer perception is built through their experience with you and it shapes how they think and feel about your business. We build brand experiences that create long term value for both customer and business. Happier customers, bigger profit.

Our process

Brand discovery
Brand audit, Market research

Discovery uncovers potential risks and opportunities that will inform our strategic approach. It gives us context into your business, its operations, and your goals.

2. Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Brand strategy is simply an action plan of how the brand will be built. We outline where you want your business to be, and together we design the strategy to get you there.
3. Brand development
Brand identity (logo), Websites, Etc.
By this point were already clear on the items we're creating and how they'll look. This reduces time and money needed to develop your brand.
Brand growth
Brand retainer, Digital marketing, Customer experience

Our work is focused on strengthening the bond between you and your customers. We continually measure and improve your brand's performance.

Every business decision is a brand decision. Customers will form a mental image based on their experience with you.
Every business decision is a brand decision. Customers will form a mental image based on their experience with you.
Get your brand reviewed & gain actionable tips to improve it, now.

Have you ever wondered how your brand stacks up against your competitors, and what you can do about it?

Our clients

Brand strategy, Brand Identity client QUICKLI Floor Cleaning located in Portland, OR
“Thanks to ROKKOM my company has grown more in the last 6 months than it had in 3 years.”
Rick Rosenberry
QUICKLI Floor Cleaning
Brand strategy, Brand identity
"ROKKOM's expertise helped us reach our manufacturing customers in both the domestic and international sectors."
Farzin Karim
Brownrigg Insurance
Brand strategy, Brand identity, Website
"ROKKOM's process ensured that every aspect of my business was explored. As a result, [customers] know how to interact with me and my enterprises better. I couldn't be happier with the result."
Thubten Comerford
Fork Tender Media
Brand strategy, Brand identity
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